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Importance of Documentation in HR

A recent case in the Central London Employment Tribunal made clear how important it is for paperwork to be up to date. When a member of staff is: promoted; demoted; changes job title; changes hours; and even has a change in salary; all of these should be […]

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EU Referendum Result

Following the result on Friday morning that we will be exiting the EU, the article below in People Managment caught my eye. It highlights the amount of uncertantity that surrounds our whole country right now. Which ever way you voted, and whether you’re happy or not at […]

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Should HR policies be included in Employment Contracts?

When advising clients on employment contracts, I will always ensure that any HR policies (grievances, disciplinary etc) are as an added appendix or part of a non-contractual staff handbook, this means that the policies are then easy to update as and when you want to.  Recent case […]

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Private messages European Court decision

The following article was in People Management on 14 January 2016. It raises the question on how much an employer is able to monitor their staff and how the staff use the employers systems – in particular email. I would recommend that a clear policy is in […]

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Christmas Party Season – how to get through it!

It’s usual for employers to want to show their appreciation for their employees’ hard work, and organising a party at which food and drink are laid on is the traditional way of thanking staff. But employers need to be careful or they risk having to deal with employee relations nightmares – a few simple steps can help!

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