Workplace Learning Awards

In May this year, along with McCrudden Training and MTC2 I sponsored the first Learning at Work Awards for the Eastbourne District.  After some fantastic feedback, we will be running the event again in May 2013 – again linking in with National Learning at Work Day.  To whet your appetite, we will be interviewing firstly our runners up and finally the winners of the award from last year.

This is what Rohini Allen from Carlton Property Management, who was one of our corporate runners up had to say….

Because of the nature of our business, it is important – even crucial – that we maintain our commitment to CPD in terms of our technical knowledge.  In addition to this, since we deal with a variety of people, we need to keep our soft skills honed.  The Learning Awards was a good opportunity to celebrate that commitment to our staff and our customers.  This demonstrates to them that we walk the walk and always endeavour to work towards excellence.  The Learning Awards was the first time we had entered the company into this type of competition and found that it created interest and also underpinned our company policy.  Having the certificate on the wall of our reception area creates interest in our commitment to professionalism, particularly to prospective clients.”

If this strikes a chord with you, start thinking about the awards in May and how you’ll prepare for them.

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