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It’s summer time, long summer evenings, cricket at the weekends and summer holidays to look forward to, just remember the sun cream!

The main focus of May, for me anyway, was GDPR and doing my best to ensure that my clients had the staffing side of GDPR covered with privacy policies and privacy notices for their employees and contractors. I now feel that I’m out of the ‘fog’ of GDPR, however, if you’ve somehow missed all the hype and find that you’ve no policies to cover your teams, please do get in touch.

I also need to let you know that I have a new privacy policy on my website, which you can view here.

Since my last newsletter, I’ve posted a couple of monthly up date blogs on my website. As well as the monthly round ups, I also posted a couple of blogs highlighting interesting cases from the Employment Tribunals and updates to minimum wage increases.

Maternity and pregnancy can be a potential minefield. Managers wanting to be helpful can unwittingly find themselves putting their employers at risk of discrimination claims by treating the pregnant member of staff differently to others. There have been cases in the Tribunal system where managers have treated the individual differently in what they thought was a more beneficial way and found themselves at the wrong end of a Tribunal claim. In the case in my blog, there was a performance issue, but it was greatly clouded by comments made by the recruiting manager at the time of recruitment when she realised that the lady was pregnant.

If you have any concerns about how to deal with pregnant employees or staff on maternity leave, please do call me for advice.

Coming up over the next few months: the Childcare voucher scheme closes to all new entrants in October this year.  If you’d like advice on these, please do get in touch as they can be very cost effective for your staff paying out for childcare.

If any of these articles hit a nerve, please call me on 07847 549790 or email me

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