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Roberts Country Vehicles Ltd

We started working with Directors Tim and Dave at RCV when they were introduced to us through a mutual contact in October 2012. They had a good team, albeit that there were a couple of issues that were starting to bubble up. The trickiest issue with one member of staff which began to be a concern in the summer of 2012. This was an extremely sensitive and personal issue and involved a lot of mentoring with both directors and was finally resolved in June 2014. In addition to this, we are in regular fortnightly contact with Dave to ensure that contracts, policies, PMRs etc remain up to date and to check that work is going smoothly.

London Gateway Networks Ltd

We first started working with London Gateway Networks in May 2011, they were one of our first clients and they remain a client today. The first piece of HR Consultancy work was to ensure that their employment contracts and staff handbook were up to date. We’ve seen them grow and develop as a business and they call on us every so often to talk through issues that concern them. Happily for them, this isn’t too frequent.

Lymphoedema Specialist Services

We have been working with Jane since May 2012. With an NHS background it was important for Jane to ensure that LSS had all the right HR policies in place from the outset of her business. Since we’ve been working with Jane, her business has grown and developed. We have been able to help her with employment contracts, offer letters and also provided some guidance on her recruitment – such as where to look for staff and suggestions for interview questions.


We began working with Julie from Zest in May 2011 – Prontaprint as she was then. We started off by updating her staff handbook and staff handbooks. Then in December 2011 Julie rebranded the business to Zest – as it is today. Again, we updated her staff handbook to reflect the change from Prontaprint to Zest and ensured that the staff had the correct contracts and paperwork in place to reflect the change. We now meet on a fairly regular basis to discuss the plans for Zest, so that Julie can keep us up to date with her developing business.

Tobel Sheetmetal Ltd

We were referred to Amanda at Tobel to provide HR consultancy services by a firm of local solicitors who felt that they needed some assistance with an appeal of a dismissal. An independent and objective view point was needed. This turned out well and we now make sure that they are up to date with all their HR policies. We’re at the end of the phone when Amanda has any concerns with members of staff – we probably speak about once a year!

Doris Loves Ltd

We were contacted by Amanda at Doris Loves to provide HR consultancy services as she was about to take on her first member of staff and was slightly daunted by the legal aspect of employing somebody. We helped Amanda with her first employment contract and some HR policies and we make sure that they are up to date with all their HR policies. We’re at the end of the phone when Amanda has any concerns.

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