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Employment Highlights November 2018

Monthly highlights for November include a further judgement on whether somebody was a worker or self-employed, clarity on untaken annual leave – if it was required, and whether a comparator was treated less favourably. Annual Leave In November, the ECJ handed down judgement in two German cases

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Employment Highlights September 2018

From a legislation and employment updates point of view September was a little quiet. The main points are summarised below.  The key point for me, was clarity around resignation. Having experienced a couple of similar situations myself recently where I’ve advised clients to obtain confirm in writing

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Employment Highlights August 2018

This month, the ECJ has decided that a five-month cessation of activities does not necessarily preclude the occurrence of a transfer of an undertaking. It held that despite a five-month gap between the termination of a contract for a Spanish music school and the resuming of activities by a

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Employment Highlights July 2018

This month, the Court of Appeal held that carers working sleep-in shifts are only entitled to national minimum wage when they are required to be awake for the purposes of working, not when they are asleep but on call. The court considered the sleep-in exception in regulation 32 of

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Employment Highlights May 2018

It’s no surprise that the key employment highlight for May was the implementation of the GDPR.  We all had so many emails about updated privacy policies, it very nearly became ridiculous! If you still haven’t sorted out your obligations for GDPR for your employees, don’t panic and

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