Autumn 2018 Newsletter

Wow! What a summer we’ve just had.  Okay, so the weather has begun to turn a little autumnal now, but if you like hot and warm summers, then this was a great one for you.  I’ve been juggling working and watching my sons play cricket all of the summer holidays, so the wonderful weather made that much more enjoyable for me!

The traditional focus for September is back to school and back to work. A time for looking at new careers for some and for others, making sure that staff handbooks, policies and employment contracts are up to date and still fit for purpose.

Since my last newsletter, I’ve posted a couple of monthly up-date blogs on my website. As well as the monthly round ups, I also posted a couple of blogs highlighting interesting cases from the Employment Tribunals. To read the latest ones, please use this link.

This summer we had the Football World Cup and football fever took hold as we got to the semi-finals.  I posted a blog of tips for helping to manage your employee’s time during the world cup. Whilst the tips were for the football, the same tips will be useful for other large sporting events.

Employment tribunal cases that caught my eye this summer included: the unfair dismissal of a trade union rep and an unfair dismissal for somebody using his company van for private use. The use of Company vehicles case highlights the importance of your HR policies and their clarity, also the process of how you handle a formal disciplinary issue.

I’ve also included in my blog a couple of articles of interest from People Management on subjects such as office banter, job seeker suitability and monitoring in the workplace.

Coming up over the next few months: the Uber case goes to appeal again and the childcare voucher system closes to all new applicants in October .

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