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Christmas Party Season Warning!

A timely reminder that a Christmas night out can go wrong and your Company can end up being vicariously liable for employee’s actions. There has been some case law that states that an office or work party is an extension of the workplace meaning that what happens

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Dismissal before TUPE transfer WAS unfair – EAT Ruling

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people is always going to be hard. Managing them out of a business can be a long process – depending on their job role – and if the difficulty is behaviour or strained relationships, rather than performance, then it’s arguably even harder. One thing

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Goodbye Childcare Vouchers – Hello Tax-Free childcare!

On 4 October 2018 the Childcare voucher scheme was closed to new entrants.  If you were lucky enough to work for an employer who offered the scheme and you had taken it up, then you will still be able to continue with it. However, if not, then

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Overt monitoring in the workplace

I’ve had a number of requests recently, post GDPR, for policies on CCTV activity with the workplace. If a Company has CCTV on it’s premises it does have a number of legal obligations in advertising that fact. The article below in People Management, published 20 August 2018

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Unfairly Dismissed when using Company Vans for Private Use

This is a case that highlights the use of Company policies and procedures and the importance of following the right process. Whilst there was a policy regarding the use of Company vehicles, it would seem that it may not have been clear enough.  Whilst tracking devises are

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