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Auto enrolment for first employee’s from 1 October 2017

All new employers who employ their first staff member on or after 1st October 2017 will need to start complying with auto enrolment duties straight away. They will not have a set staging date. Their ‘duty start date’ will instead be the day on which the first

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Pensions Auto-Enrolment failing – Football Club Fine of £2,500.00 per day

The following article was in People Management on 22 April 2016. It shows the real financial implications of failing in your duties for the Pensions Auto-enrolment. Football club fined £2,500 a day for pensions failings Landmark penalty brings warning more employers may be caught out A professional

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Auto Enrolment – some options

Auto Enrolment is the compulsory pension scheme introduced by the government which is currently being rolled until April 2017. As an employer your contributions will be 1% until Sept 2017, 2% from 0ct 2017 to Sept 2018 and 3% from Oct 2018. To facilitate this, The National

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Plan now for pension auto-enrolment

I keep talking about the impending changes for Pensions and the need to act now and plan for what you need to do.  Staging dates will start rolling out from April 2015, so you could be needing to something sooner or even later.  Your staging date will

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I have commented at length about the Auto-enrolment and I found this list of Do’s and Don’ts which I thought would be useful for you.  The list has been compiled by NEST… Nest has launched its five dos and don’t for employers preparing to auto-enroll staff: Employer

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