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Uber Tribunal Ruling

Following my last post on the task force that the HMRC are setting up, the Uber Tribunal Ruling has now come through. Although Uber will be appealing the outcome, the tribunal made the decision that their ‘self employed’ taxi drivers are actually ‘workers’ and not ‘self employed’.

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Union urges M&S to consult on pension and pay changes

  The following article appeared in the People Managment Magazine recently. It highlights that an independent union wants M&S to speak with them about planned contractual changes. The changes involve their pay and pension scheme. The store has said that one of the options that they may

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Disciplinaries: no right to increase sanction on appeal unless express provision to do so

An employer has no contractual right to increase a disciplinary sanction on appeal under a contractual disciplinary policy unless the policy expressly permits this.

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Is Garden Leave always the right option?

The Article below appeared in a recent edition of People Management.  If you have any questions, please call me! Keeping departing executives out of the office could allow contractual breaches to go undetected Garden leave clauses allow an employer to exclude an employee from its business for

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Employee bound by restrictive covenants in unsigned contract provided after promotion

I’ve been asked by clients what happens if an employee is working under a new contract, but has not signed and returned the new contract.  The case highlighted below stresses the importance of the individual working to the new contract.  Clearly if the contract is signed then

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