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December 2018 Newsletter

It’s the time of year that we naturally reflect on the past 12 months and think about the year ahead. I looked back at the newsletter that I sent this time last year – and Brexit was mentioned then too. At the time of writing, this is

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BREXIT – Settled Status for your EU Employees

Do you currently employ EU nationals in your Company?  If so then they may need to apply for ‘Settled Status’.  If you employ non UK staff and they are: a British or Irish citizen; or have a visa with indefinite leave to remain or enter the UK then

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Employers report fall in jobseeker suitability as Brexit approaches

A recent article in People Management, written by Hayley Kirton on 13 August 2018 has caught my eye. She picks up on the details from a CIPD report which has cautioned on the impact of fewer EU migrants coming in to the UK on the run up

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Like it or not, the GDPR is coming towards us like a train with no breaks. By now you should have a plan as to what needs to be done, when and how you’re planning to do it. I’ve already contacted my clients telling them what we

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Working Time Regulations post Brexit

A recent report in People Management claims that the Government may scrap the Working Time Regulations, the article below highlights the potential serious consequences of scraping the Working Time Regulations.  My initial first thought is that most contracts seem to have a clause or a letter where

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