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Goodbye Childcare Vouchers – Hello Tax-Free childcare!

On 4 October 2018 the Childcare voucher scheme was closed to new entrants.  If you were lucky enough to work for an employer who offered the scheme and you had taken it up, then you will still be able to continue with it. However, if not, then

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Closure of childcare voucher schemes to new entrants

In a publication today People Management magazine highlights some of the concerns of the closure today (4 October 2018) of new entrants to the childcare voucher scheme. Having personally benefited from this in the past when my children were small, I do think that this is a

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Like it or not, the GDPR is coming towards us like a train with no breaks. By now you should have a plan as to what needs to be done, when and how you’re planning to do it. I’ve already contacted my clients telling them what we

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Employment Highlights from July 2016

A round up of what happened in the employment arena in July 2016. Please call me to discuss any of these issues in more detail. With the legal world reeling and British politics in turmoil following last month’s surprise Brexit decision, it was business as usual in

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Brexit – what happens to Employment Legislation

A significant proportion of the UK’s employment law comes from the EU, including discrimination rights, collective consultation obligations, transfer of undertakings regulations, family leave, working time regulations and duties to agency workers. In theory, the UK government could repeal all of this. However, the government is unlikely to take this step and it is far more probable that EU law will continue to exercise a significant influence, even after Brexit.

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