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Dismissal before TUPE transfer WAS unfair – EAT Ruling

Dealing with ‘difficult’ people is always going to be hard. Managing them out of a business can be a long process – depending on their job role – and if the difficulty is behaviour or strained relationships, rather than performance, then it’s arguably even harder. One thing

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Employment Highlights September 2018

From a legislation and employment updates point of view September was a little quiet. The main points are summarised below.  The key point for me, was clarity around resignation. Having experienced a couple of similar situations myself recently where I’ve advised clients to obtain confirm in writing

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Unfairly Dismissed when using Company Vans for Private Use

This is a case that highlights the use of Company policies and procedures and the importance of following the right process. Whilst there was a policy regarding the use of Company vehicles, it would seem that it may not have been clear enough.  Whilst tracking devises are

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Trade Union representative WAS unfairly dismissed

The following article was in People Management on 18 June 2018 and was written by Maggie Baska. In their duties as Union Reps, the Reps are often handed information. In this case, a rep used the information to raise a collective grievance, he was then dismissed. He

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Pimlico Plumbers – Supreme Court outcome

Further calls for clearer gig economy laws after Pimlico Plumbers’ Supreme Court defeat Today (13 June 2018) sees the Supreme Court rule that a former engineer at Pimlico Plumbers was a worker and was NOT self-employed.  The article below taken directly from People Management published today outlines

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